Assertion Reason Questions Chapter 9 Ray Optics & Optical Instruments Class 12 Physics

Directions: Assertion & Reason Consist of two statements.

One labelled Assertion (A) & Other labelled Reason(R).

Select the Correct Answer to these questions from the Options as given below.

(a) If both Assertion & Reason are True & Reason is correct explanation Of Assertion.

(b) If both Assertion & Reason are true but Reason is not Correct Explanation of Assertion.

(C) If Assertion is true but reason is false.

(d) If both Assertion & Reason are False.

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In Ray optics Total internal reflection is important topic. It’s one application optical fibre is there in syllabus of cbse board. So that’s important. You should know about critical angle n conditions for TIR.

Other important topics from ray optics is lens makers formula n numericals related to this.

Optical instruments Telescope n microscope both are important. Their ray diagrams for image formation at D n infinity are important. So always do written practice of Ray diagrams n their magnification.

Relation between angle of incidence & Angle of deviation is important.

Combination of lenses is also important for numericals.

Is Ray Optics Easy for Class 12?

Yes, Ray optics is easy only you need Practice.

Which one is easy Ray Optics & Wave Optics?

Ray optics is probably simple theory of light that explains our day to day observations only your basic concepts should be clear.

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