Important Questions Electromagnetic Waves Chapter 8 Class 12 Physics

Sci phy is providing Latest & Updated Class 12 Physics Important Questions of Chapter 8 Electromagnetic Waves along with their Answers.

Quetions With their answers are designed as per latest exam pattern. It will help students a lot.

Weightage of this chapter is 2-3 marks for board Exams.

To prepare this chapter you should know meaning of Em waves. How these waves can be produced.

Diagram of Em waves with oscillating Electric & Magnetic field.

You should know properties of Em waves.

Learn Frequency of em waves with the help of frequency you can find out wavelength by using C =ⱱ λ.

To learn Name of Em spectrum you can use following memory aid. “RMIVUXG”

Where R- Radiowaves, M- Microwaves,I- Infra red waves, V – Visible light, U – U. V Radiation, X – X-Ray, G – Gamma rays

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Handwritten Notes for class 12 Physics n much more content we have for full preparation of Board as well as competitive exams. All content is updated according to latest syllabus 2024-25


This PDF includes all important questions related to em waves. Practice all Questions n if u face any Problem in any Questions you can ask through “need help” section.

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