Assertion and Reason Questions Class 12 Physics Chapter 8 Electromagnetic waves

Directions: Assertion & Reason Consist of two statements.

One labelled Assertion (A) & Other labelled Reason(R).

Select the Correct Answer to these questions from the Options as given below.

(a) If both Assertion & Reason are True & Reason is correct explanation Of Assertion.

(b) If both Assertion & Reason are true but Reason is not Correct Explanation of Assertion.

(C) If Assertion is true but reason is false.

(d) If both Assertion & Reason are False.

What’s the trick to learn EM Waves?

You can learn by word “RMIVUX G”
R – Radiowaves
M- Micro waves
I – infrared waves
V – Visible light
U – Ultra violet light
X- X rays
G – Gamma rays

What do u mean by transverse nature of EM waves?

In an electromagnetic wave electric & magnetic field are perpendicular to each other and at same time are perpendicular to direction of propagation of wave.

Which property of EM wave depends on the medium in which it is travelling?

Velocity of an Em wave is a property which is dependent on the medium in which it is travelling.
Other Properties such as frequency, time period & wavelength are dependent on the source that is Producing the wave.

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