Alternating Current Test 2022 -23 Class 12 Physics

Alternating current is one of the most important chapter of class 12 Physics. In this article we are providing Test of Alternating current.

LCR series resonant circuit is one of the most important topic of  this chapter. Frequency at resonance, Current at time of resonance conditions for resonance all questions are important. Numericals of same topic is important.  Avg power associated with LCR series circuit is important. Wattless current n Concepetual questions from this  chapter are important. Practice all questions of this test. N only practice is the key for Physics. Cramming will not work here.

Try to practice maximum number of questions. For questions your basic concepts should be clear. For this we are providing

Handwritten notes of Class 12 Physics.

With this we are also providing

Class 12 Physics important Questions.

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What’s the difference between A.C &D.C ?

Electric current flows in two ways AC or DC.
Main difference between AC or DC is about direction.
In DC electrons flow steadily in a single direction but in AC direction of electrons is keep on changing.

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