DAV Class 11 Physics Sample Paper Fully Solved

Exam preparation with Sample Paper & Previous Year Question Papers is quite Efficient. By Analyzing Questions you can Understand level Of Questions & Your level of preparation. Try to solve Sample Paper & Previous year Question Papers. It will provide Information about important questions. By studying past year papers you can spot pattern & frequently … Read more

Kinetic Theory Of Gases Chapter 13 Class 11 Physics Important Questions PDF

Kinetic Theory Class 11Physics Important questions are Provided in this article. The kinetic Theory deals With the behaviour of an ideal gas on basis of fact that gas consist of moving molecules & Atoms. Kinetic theory also describe Properties such as Temperature, Thermal conductivity. PDF-1 PDF-2 PDF-3 Click here👇 to Download PDF Discover Related link: … Read more

Dimensional Analysis Class 11 Important Practice Problems with Solutions

Sciphy is providing Handwritten Notes of Dimensional Analysis. Dimensional Analysistopic is very important & easy topic for class 12 Physics. sciphy is providing handwritten notes of Chapter 1 in a simple manner or in a simple language. Surely these notes will help you. In case you face any difficulty in understanding any topic of notes … Read more


Sciphy is providing NCERT Class 11Book. You can also download  Class 11 Physics Handwritten Notes. NCERT Books are important for Board examinations as well as Competitive Exams. These PDF will help you if you don’t have Hard copy of book. These notes are in simple language. You can also view Class 11 Physics Important Questions … Read more

Significant figures MCQs  Class 11 Physics

Practice these MCQS to check your knowledge related to significant figures Significant figure is  important Chapter of Class 11Physics Sci phy is providing  important MCQ’s of significant figure We tried our best to make notes Understandable & Easy. In case if You face any issue You can contact Us through Need Help Section. You can … Read more

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