Work Energy & Power Notes Class 11 Physics

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Q-1.What is the formula of Potential Energy?

A-1.Gravitational Potential Energy is mgh
Where m = Mass of object
g = Acceleration due to gravitt
h = height of object
# Potential e energy of a spring = 1/2
Where x = displacement

Q-2.What’s the difference between Energy & Work?

A-2.Work is action on the object causing some displacement.
Energy is property of a system or ability to do work. Energy is result of work performed.

Q-3.Give Examples of Potential & Kinetic energy.

A-3.Example of kinetic Energy
1.An airplane has a large amount of kinetic energy in flight.
2.Movement of planet around sun.
Example of Potential energy.
#A Raised weight
# Water stored in a dam at some height
# A book kept on a table

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