Work energy & Power Assignment |DPP 5  Class 11 Physics

Assignment which we are providing contains all important topics of work energy n power. For any chapter assignment give an idea about important questions of that chapter. If you solve all questions of any assignment honestly only then it can help you. If you do copy paste work from your friend’s notebook that will not work in physics. To score better in physics your concepts should be clear. We can provide only material 25% work we can do rest is yours.

What are important topics in Work energy & Power?

1.Work energy & Theorem
2.Collision in 1 & 2 dimension
3.Potential energy of a spring
4.Motion along a virtical circle.

What are SI & cgs unit of energy?

Si – joule
cgs – erg

Is friction a conservative force?

No, friction is not a conservative force because work done by conservative force does not depend upon the path followed by object.

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Q-1.Can work be done without energy?

No work can be done without energy.
To do a certain amount of work you need a certain amount of energy.
According to second law of thermodynamics energy can neither be created nor destroyed.

Q-2 Is work done equal to energy?

Relation between work & energy is direct.
Difference in K. E of an object is work done by object.

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