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Sciphy is providing Handwritten Notes of Magnetism & Matter

Magnetism & Matter topic is very important topic for class 12 Physics.

sciphy is providing handwritten notes of Chapter 5 MAGNETISM & MATTER in a simple manner or in a simple language.

Surely these notes will help you.

In case you face any difficulty in understanding any topic of notes or any step in derivation you can contact us. We will try to help you.

Most of the students face issue in Numericals in Physics. Reason is that they never try to solve questions on their own. Students always check solution & then they solve Numericals.

lack of written Practice is a major reason for less Marks in Physics. So be honest with your Class work as well as Homework.

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Do the diamagnetic substances have Resultant magnetic Moment in an atom in the absence of External magnetic field?

NO, Diamagnetic substance have no resultant magnetic moment in absence of external magnetic field.

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