CBSE Class 12 Physics New Syllabus 2024-25 PDF

CBSE has released the new Syllabus for 2024 -25 Session on its website cbse. nic. in.

Check and download Physics Syllabus for Class 12 & Class 11 in PDF here.

You can also check deleted syllabus for Physics.


Syllabus is Important for Students to Plan their studies effectively.

Syllabus help Students to know which topic they can study in brief & at which part they should focus more.

So Before Starting any Chapter You should Check Syllabus & then you should Plan accordingly.

One tip Sci Phy is giving to you👇

When you start any chapter before starting the chapter Check syllabus & Note down in your note book & Tick the topics which you have done & follow the same process for all chapters.

surely it will help you.

PDF Download

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How can I score Better in Physics ?

First thing Be consistent & don’t wait for a miracle means without hardwork you can’t score better in Physics.
There is no short cut for physics. You have to be honest with your class work & Homework.
Try to understand Physics, cramming will not work for Physics.

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