Current Electricity Formula Sheet

Formula sheet is helpful at time of revision. It saves a lot of time.

As we know during exam time due to limited time period every body wants to complete their syllabus at time so if you will have formula sheet it will help you. It will save that time.

o in this article we are providing all formulas in a single page to revise all formulae with in few minutes. We are also providing PDF Download link of same formulae sheet so that you can download that formulae sheet.

Formulae sheet is portable & Handy. Physics is a subject with Various Concepts & Multiple formulae so it is important for students to practice it wisely before they sit for their examination.

Along with formulae we have also attached some important diagrams, definition, standard values & much more relevant information.

Students can also Use these formula pages as revision guides during examination.

Along with formulae sheet we are also providing Important Topics of all Chapters Class 12 Physics

Read that article carefully. You will get idea about important Questions & You can prepare Accordingly. For Physics written Practice & solving Numericals is most Important.

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How We can Improve Numericals in Physics?

Firstly read statement of Numerical Properly. Understand all given data & write down what is given & what we have to find out, after that think about all formulae of that chapter & find out which formula you can apply in that Question.

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