Important Questions Wave Optics Class 12 Physics

Here we are providing all important questions with solutions related to all board exams.

To score good marks in board exam do practice of all questions.

For Physics shortcut can’t work. Try to understand concepts n logic behind all questions.

Wave optics is very interesting chapter from optics. Starting topic of wave optics is Huygens theory  n proof of laws of reflection n refraction on the basis of wave theory. For this concept of wavefront should be clear n types of wavefront. Spherical, cylinderical & Plane wavefront.

After that interference, conditions for interference, coherent sources , sustained interference, YDS experiment, intensity n width of fringes. Dark n bright fringes. All concepts should be clear.

Diffraction, meaning of diffraction, Type of diffraction, fresnel n fraunhoffer Diffraction. Width of central maxima. Difference between interference n diffraction. After that you can solve all questions link is given here👇

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