MCQs based Assignment Class 12 Physics 2023-24 Electrostatics and Current Electricity

Q-1.With the increase in length of a conductor its Resistivity:

Q-2. What is the nature of gaussian surface involved in Gauss's law of Electrostatics?

Q-4 Which of the following characteristics of electrons determines the current in a conductor?

Q-5The potential in the equitorial plane of a dipole having dipole moment P is

Q- 6.When charge of a body becomes half, the electric field becomes

Q-7.What is the angle between the electric dipole moment and electric field strength due to it on the equatorial line?

Q-8.Charges+/- 20nC are separated by 5mm.Calculate the magnitude of dipole moment.

Q-9 At absolute zero, Germanium acts as:

Q-10. Ratio of magnitude of electric force in air & water between an electron & proton is:

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