Important Topics Class 12 Physics 2023-24| CBSE Class 12 Physics Important Questions

Preparation for any exams needs a proper study schedule which helps students to prepare for exams. so here we are going to tell some important topics which are important for board & competitive exams. s To score good marks study the concepts & also Practice enough Numericals related to these concepts. Important Topics Chapter 1 … Read more

Class 12 Physics Handwritten Notes 2023-24

•Your Search for handwritten notes study material Pdf download ends here. •Why Handwritten notes are in more demand? •Handwritten notes gives a Proper idea About Topic. • It gives an exact idea about topic length, Actual representation of Symbols as they look which may differ in typed notes. • Handwritten notes help You process Information … Read more

Difference between Resistance & Resistivity

Resistance and resistivity are related concepts that describe how much an object or a material opposes the flow of electric current. 1.Resistance is a property that depends on the length, cross-sectional area, and nature of the material, while resistivity is a property that depends only on the nature and temperature of the material. 2.Resistance is … Read more

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