Electric Charge and field Important Questions Class 12 Physics fully solved PDF

Sciphy is providing Handwritten Notes of important Questions of Electric Charges & Field.

from this chapter Electric charges & field one question related to coulomb force may come in board exam. From last two years 1 MCQ related to coulomb force is coming.

Derivations related to electric charges & field are important.

In this article we are providing all important Questions related to this chapter from NCERT & Previous year Questions.

surely these questions will help you.

One tip we are providing to you to score better in Physics – firstly read statement of 1 question & then try to solve that question on your own without checking solution.

firstly write all data given in question & then think about question what we have to find? Logical thinking will help you in Physics.

Cramming will not work in Physics.

most of the students face issue in Numericals in Physics. Reason is that they never try to solve questions on their own. Students always check solution & then they solve Numericals.

lack of written Practice is a major reason for less Marks in Physics. So be honest with your Class work as well as Homework.

In case you face any difficulty in understanding any topic of notes or any step in derivation you can contact us. We will try to help you.

You can also ask any doubt / Numericals / Questions related to class 11 & 12 Physics. With in 1-7 days we will surely help you.

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What is the electric Flux through a cube of side 1cm which encloses an electric dipole?


Does the charge given to a metallic sphere depend on whether it is hollow or solid? Give reason for your answer.

No, This is because charge resides only on surface of conductor.

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