Class 11 Physics: Thermodynamics


What is Thermodynamics? Thermodynamics is a branch of physics which is concerned with heat and its relationship with another form of energy. The term thermodynamics was first coined by William Thomson in the year 1749 in the context of heat flow. This branch of physics does not discuss the microscopic properties and is concerned only … Read moreClass 11 Physics: Thermodynamics

Conversion Factors in Physics

conversion factors in physics

In physics, you are frequently asked to convert between units of measurement. Conversion factors are therefore very important in physics. For example, you may be asked to measure the number of kilometer your school bus travels in an hour and may need to convert the result in mile. A handy conversion factor table between different … Read moreConversion Factors in Physics

List of Important Physical Constant in Physics

physical constant in physics

A physical constant in physics is a measurable quantity that is universal in nature and have a constant value. There are several physical constant in physics and some of the most widely recognized physical constants are the Speed of Light in Vacuum c, the Gravitational Constant G, the Electric Permittivity of Free Space ∈0, Magnetic … Read moreList of Important Physical Constant in Physics

Exam tips to drive away your fear

Exam tips

So, again the time has come for the board examinations and feeling nervous about the examination is very common. Physics is considered to be one of the most difficult subjects. Sometimes students are very afraid of this but we think with a proper planning and preparation you can do very well in your board examination … Read moreExam tips to drive away your fear