Important Questions Work energy & Power Class 11 Physics

Questions are based on updated syllabus for 2024-25 & are best source for exam preparations. You can read as well as Download the PDF of MCQs. Most of the students face difficulty with MCQ part in Question paper so to improve your MCQ part Practice more & more questions. Firstly understand Concepts of all topics for this you can read ” Class 11 Physics Handwritten Notes “& Important Questions for Numerical Practice. You can check ” Class 11 Physics Important Questions “.You can also check “NCERT SOLUTION CLASS 11 PHYSICS”.

so we are providing all material to score good in Physics . We tried our best for this. Rest part depend upon your practice.

What are important topics in Work energy & Power?

1.Work energy & Theorem
2.Collision in 1 & 2 dimension
3.Potential energy of a spring
4.Motion along a virtical circle.

What are SI & cgs unit of energy?

Si – joule
cgs – erg

Is friction a conservative force?

No, friction is not a conservative force because work done by conservative force does not depend upon the path followed by object.


Q-1.What is the formula of Potential Energy?

A-1.Gravitational Potential Energy is = mgh

Where m = Mass of object
g = Acceleration due to gravitt
h = height of object

# Potential e energy of a Spring = 1/2 kx^2

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