Assertion Reason Questions Chapter 11 Dual Nature of Matter & Radiation Class 12 Physics

Directions: Assertion & Reason Consist of two statements.

One labelled Assertion (A) & Other labelled Reason(R).

Select the Correct Answer to these questions from the Options as given below.

(a) If both Assertion & Reason are True & Reason is correct explanation Of Assertion.

(b) If both Assertion & Reason are true but Reason is not Correct Explanation of Assertion.

(C) If Assertion is true but reason is false.

(d) If both Assertion & Reason are False

Dual nature of Radiation n matter MCQ’s n Assertion reason

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Which Photon has more energy? A Red one or A Violet One?

Violet has more energy because frequency of violet≻frequency of Red.

Why are Alkali Metals most suited as Photosensitive Metal?

Alkali metals have low work function. Even Visible Radiation can eject out electrons from them

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