Important Questions Class 11Physics 2024-25 |DPP Class 11 Physics

Class 11 Syllabus has various important topics, diagrams & definitions that students require to be thorough with to be able to score well in Class 11 Exam.

To help you we are providing these important questions. Practice all these questions which we are providing in this article. To solve these Questions your basic concepts related to these chapters should be clear. To clear your concept You can check

Class 11 Physics Handwritten Notes

Before checking solution of any question or numerical you should try that question your self. After that you should check solution.

For Formulae you can check

Class 11 Physics Formula sheet.

Your basics of class 11 should be clear for class 12  as well as for competitive exams.

One thing will help you that is consistency. Daily practice is important that’s why we are providing these DPP chapterwise. If you will solve these DPP definitely it will help you a lot.

DPP ( Differentiation) 2024-25

Motion in a st. Line



DPP -3

Differentiation & Integration

DPP 3 Differentiation & Motion in a straight line

Ch-2 Motion in a straight line Paper 1

DPP Vector Practice Problems with solution.

Work Energy & Power DPP

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