Important Topics Class 12 Physics 2023-24|  Class 12 Physics Important Topics

Preparation for any exams needs a proper study schedule which helps students to prepare for exams.

so here we are going to tell some important topics which are important for board & competitive exams.

To score good marks study the concepts & also Practice enough Numericals related to these concepts.

Important Topics Chapter 1 Electric Charges & Field

Coulomb’s law, Force between multiple charges ( super position principle) Numericals related to super position Principle.

Electric field at axial, Equitorial point & at any point due to a dipole & short dipole

Electric dipole in external electric field

Most important topic: Gauss law Application of Gauss ‘s law.

Important Topics Chapter 2 Electrostatic Potential & Capacitance.

Electrostatic Potential due to a dipole & System of charges ( Numericals related to this topic)

Electrostatic potential energy of a system of two point charges

** Equipotential surface ** & Properties of Equipotential surface Read all Properties Of Equipotential surface carefully( For conceptual based questions).

Combination of capacitors( for numericals)

Energy stored in Capacitors( learn formulae for numericals

Do Practice of Questions ( Type : Battery connected or disconnected then what will be the effect on capacitance Potential, Charge & Energy stored in capacitors).

capacitance of a capacitors with & without dielectric medium.

Important Topics Chapter 3 Current Electricity

Drift velocity( Derivation + Conceptual based questions + Numericals)

Deduction of Ohm’s law from Relation between current & Drift velocity

Variation of Resistance & Resistivity with Temperature All graphs related to above topics are important. Graph for Resistivity of metals, Alloys & Semiconductors should be practised.

Wheat stone bridge( Numericals & Derivation)

Numericals Based on Kirchhoff’s Rule & Justify kirchhoff’s Rule.

Mixed Grouping Of Cell (Numericals based on Condition for Maximum Current When input resistance = Output Resistance)

Difference between emf & Potential difference All important questions related to emf V = E -Ir

Important numericals & questions Pdf Of current electricity.

Important Topics Chapter 4 Moving Charges & Magnetism

Biot -Savarts law and it’s application to find magnetic field at centre of circular coil ( Numericals & Derivation)

Solenoid, Formula of magnetic field due to a solenoid. ( For numericals)

Force between two Parallel current carrying conductor hence define one ampere. ( Numericals related to this topic)

Torque experienced by a loop Placed in magnetic field.

Moving coil galvanometer, Conversion of galvanometer into Ammeter & Voltmeter & Numericals related to these Topics.

Chapter 5 Important Topics Magnetism & Matter

Diamagnetic, Paramagnetic & Ferromagnetic substances & Conceptual questions related to these topics.

Chapter 6 Electromagnetic Induction

Faraday’s law of Induction

lenz’s law & Questions related to direction of induced current.

Motional emf Derivation (Numericals related to EMI)

Self & Mutual inductance, Most important Mutual inductance of two long coaxial Solenoids.

Chapter 7 Alternating Current Important Questions

LCR Series Circuit Derivation & Numericals

Resonance Condition{ Graph at Resonance}

Power Factor Formula & Derivation (Maximum & Minimum Value )

Transformer ( Numericals & Derivation + conceptual questions) Most important

AC generator (most important)

Electromagnetic Waves Chapter 8 Important Topics

learn Table of frequency or Wavelength

Uses of all Electromagnetic Waves.

Displacement Current & Conduction Current Related questions.

Chapter 9 Ray Optics & Optical Instruments

Total internal reflection Optical fibre Questions related to total internal reflection. Applications are important.

lens maker’s formula (Derivation & questions are important.

Combination of lenses ( Numericals are important)

Telescope( Refractive & Reflective Type Telescope)


Important Topics Chapter 10 Wave Optics

Huygen’s Principle( Proof of laws of Reflection & Refraction Using Huygen’s Principle.

Interfernce Most important topic, youngs double slit experiment & Expression for fringe width ( No derivation only learn expression of fringe width.

Coherent Sources (All information related to coherent sources)

Diffraction Width of Central maximum (qualitative treatment only) .

Inshort all topics of wave optics are important.

Chapter 11 Dual nature of Radiation & Matter Important Topics

Photo electric effect , Einstein’s Photoelectric Equation, Experimental Study of Photo Electric Effect ( Conceptual questions & Numericals)

Debroglie Hypothesis ( Formula related to wavelength & Numericals related to wavelength)

Chapter 12 Important Topics Atoms & Nuclei

Bohr’s Model of Hydrogen atom( All Questions related to these topics)

Expression for Radius of Nth Possible Orbit , Formula of velocity & energy of electron in nth orbit ( Numericals)

Chapter 13 Nuclei Important Topics

Size of Nucleus ( Do Practice of questions related to this)

Mass defect & Binding energy ( Question based on these topics are important.

Chapter 14 Semiconductor Electronics : Materials Devices & Simple Circuits

Semiconductor diode ( I-V characteristics in forward & Reverse bias)

Rectifier ( Derivation & questions related to Rectifier)

How can i pass Physics easily?

Only short cut for any exam is that there is no shortcut.
Only Hardwork is key.
Revise your work daily.
Understand key ideas for exams.

Tips to score 100% in Physics Exam Or any other exam.

•Compete with your self
•Be confident
• Don’t take stress of Exams & Marks.
•Revise ur work daily
• Be consistent
•Try Assignments & Previous year Question papers.

Is it easy to get 100% in Physics?

There is no particular Steps or recipe to score 100% in Physics exam anyone with dedication can score 100% in exams in any subject

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