Assignment Differentiation Class 11 Physics

DIFFERENTIATION & Motion in a straight line daily practice paper

Consistency is must to score good in any subject.

So daily try to solve at least 5-10 questions. It can help u a lot.

DPP -3 Differentiation & Motion in a straight line

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Physics Handwritten Notes Class 11

Previous year questions Papers of different Schools

Dav board previous year Question papers

How to get 100% Marks in Physics?

There is no short cut for any subject to achieve good marks in any subject hardwork, dedication & constant effort is key.

Whats the Best method to prepare for Physics exam?

Written Practice, Consistency, Try to understand the concept, don’t follow cramming.

Is only NCERT book sufficient to prepare physics board exams?

No. With NCERT try to solve previous year question papers, sample paper of present year n question paper of different schools.

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