Current Electricity Important MCQ’S & Aseertion Reason Questions

Current electricity is one of the most important chapter of class 12 Physics.

In this article sci phy is providing some important MCQ’S, Assertion Reason Related to Current Electricity. In order to solve MCQ’S firstly understand all topics of Current Electricity.

Few important Topics of Current Electricity are: 

 Drift Velocity            

Deduction of Ohm’s law from relation between Current & Drift velocity

Variation of Resistance & Resistivity with temperature,Graph related to variation of resistivity with temperature   

Numericals Related to kirchhoff’s law

Wheatstone Bridge – Use, Concept, How it works    

After reading & Understanding all topics you can solve Questions properly. To understand concepts you can check                 ” Class 12 Physics  Handwritten Notes”

After that you can Solve MCQ’S.

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Answer Key


What’s the weightage of Current Electricity in Board Exams?

Combine weightage of Ch-1, 2 & 3 is 16 but in Exam of session 2023-24 weightage of current electricity was 10.

What do you mean by Relaxation time?

Time between two successive Collisions.

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