Take a MCQ Test and Check Your Score. Set 1

Take a MCQ test before you appear for your next board examination and find out how much you score .

1. The radius of curvature of a plane mirror is
(a) zero b) infinite (c) +5 cm (d) -5 cm

2. The specific charge of electron is
(a) 1.9\times10^{-19} C/Kg (b) 1.8\times 10 ^ {11} C/Kg (c) 1.8\times 10^{19} C/Kg (d) None

3. Two lens of power 15D and 5D are placed in contact co-axially. The focal length of equivalent lens is
(a) -10 cm (b) 20 cm (c) +10 cm (d) None

4. A cell of e.m.f. 1.5V is connected with an ammeter of resistance 0.05 \Omega. If the current in the circuit is 2.0 A, the internal resistance of the cell is :
(a) 1 .0 \Omega (b) 0.9 \Omega (c) 0.8 \Omega (d) 0.7 \Omega

5. The phase difference between electric and magnetic fields in an electromagnetic wave is:
(a) zero (b)\frac{\pi}{2} (c) \pi (d) None of them

6. Killowatt hour (KWh) is an unit of:
(a) Energy (b) Power (c) Torque (d) Force

7. Work done in rotating an electric dipole in an electric field is
(a) ME(1- Cos(\theta)) (b) ME tan(\theta) (c) ME sec(\theta) (d) None

8. Velocity of sound in air medium is
(a) 330 m/s (b) 3300 m/s (C) 33 m/s (d) None of these

9. If two conducting spheres are connected after charging separately then-
(a) both sphere energy will remain conserved (b) both charge remain conserved
(c) both energy and charge remain conserved (d) none of these

10. Amount of energy needed in charging a condenser of capacitance 5 muF to 20 KV is
(a) 1 KJ (b) 10 KJ (c) 100 KJ (d) 50 KJ

11. The capacitance of a parallel plate capacitor ________ by the introduction of a dielectric between the plates of the capacitors.
(a) increases (b) decreases (c) remains same (d) nothing can be said

12. In semiconductors ________ are responsible for the conduction
(a) electrons (b) holes (c) electrons and holes both (d) protons

13. The direction of propagation of electromagnetic wave is
(a) Parallel to \vec{B} (b) parallel to \vec{E} (c) parallel to \vec{B}\times\vec{E} (d) parallel to \vec{E}\times\vec{B}

14. The algebraic sum of all currents meeting at any point in an electrical circuit is
(a) infinite (b) positive (c) negative (d) zero

15. 64 identical drops each of 5 \mu F combine to form a big drop. What is the capacity of big drop?
(a) 16 \mu F (b) 20 \mu F (c) 4 \mu F (d) 25 \mu F

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