List of Important Physical Constant in Physics

List of Important Physical Constant in Physics

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Last updated on September 10th, 2019 at 03:22 am

A physical constant in physics is a measurable quantity that is universal in nature and has a constant value. There are several physical constants in physics and some of the most widely recognized physical constants are the Speed of Light in Vacuum c, the Gravitational Constant G, the Electric Permittivity of Free Space ∈0, Magnetic Permeability of Free Space μ0, the Elementary Charge e and Elementary Mass Corresponding to Different Sub-atomic Particles. We have listed a few important Physical Constants and their values in S.I unit.

Mass of Electron (me)
Mass of Proton (mp)
Mass of Neutron (mn)
Charge of Electron (e)
Speed of Light (c)
Gravitational Constant (G)
Avogadro Constant (Na)
Universal Gas Constant (R)
Permittivity Constant (∈0)
Permeability Constant (μ0)
Planck Constant (h)
Boltzmann Constant (k)
Bohr Radius (Rb)
Rydberg Constant (R)
9.109×10-31 kg
1.673×10-27 kg
1.675×10-27 kg
1.602×10-19 C
3.00×108 m/s
6.674×10-11 N.m2/kg2
6.023×1023 mol-1
8.314 J/mol.K
8.854×10-12 C2/Nm2
4Πx10-7 H/m
6.626×10-34 J.s
1.381×10-23 J/K
5.292×10-11 m
1.097×107 m-1

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