Important Numericals Class 12 PHYSICS

Unit -1Electrostatics
Ch-1Electric Charges & Fields
Ch-2Electrostatic Potential & Capacitance
Unit-2Current Electricity
Ch-3Current Electricity
Unit-3Magnetic Effect Of Current & Magnetism
Ch-4Moving Charge & Magnetism
Ch-5Magnetism & MatterDia , Para & ferro
Unit-4Electromagnetic Induction & Alternating Currents
Ch-6Electromagnetic induction
Ch-7Alternating current
Unit-5Electromagnetic Waves
Ch-8Electromagnetic Waves
Ch-9Ray Optics and Optical instruments
Ch-10Wave Optics
Unit-7Dual nature of radiation & Matter
Ch-11Dual nature of Radiation & Matter
Unit-8Atoms & Nuclei
Unit-9Electronic Devices
Ch-14Semiconductor Electronics devices & simple circuits

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MCQs based Assignment Class 12 Physics 2023-24 Electrostatics and Current Electricity

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: Class 12 Physics Handwritten Notes 2023-24Select study material: Class 12 Physics Handwritten Notes 2023-24

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Was Physics Paper 2022-23 tough?

Physics Paper was little bit Challenging for average students.

Which Chapters are Important for Numericals in Physics?

Ch-1, Ch-2, Ch-3, Ch-4, Ch-5, Ch-6.

What’s the weightage of Numericals in Physics Exam?

frankly speaking as such there is no guidelines from CBSE for numerous but approx weightage is 18-23 marks out of 70.

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