Examples of Nuclear Energy

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Last updated on September 9th, 2019 at 05:43 pm

Nuclear energy is a variant of potential energy, stored in the nucleus of atoms. It is an enormous source of clean energy. However, simple mechanical transformation or chemical reaction is not suitable to convert nuclear energy into other forms of energy. The only way of utilizing such energy is the splitting or joining of atomic nuclei.

The process of splitting a nucleus of a heavy atom into two or more light nuclei is called a fission reaction. One such famous example is the splitting of Uranium into Barium and Krypton nuclei and two Neutrons. Moreover, a tremendous amount of energy gets released in the form of thermal, sound, and electromagnetic energy. To show the magnitude of the released energy, we are providing a simple comparison.

A rough estimation tells that the energy density of Uranium fission reaction is around a million times higher than that of the burning of an equivalent amount of wood.

In a fusion reaction, we combine two or more light nuclei to produce a heavy nucleus. One such example of a fusion reaction is the combining of two Hydrogen nuclei to form a Helium atom. The energy released during a fusion reaction is way higher than a similar fission reaction. Simultaneously, it is far more challenging to initiate a fusion reaction compared to fission.

The use of Nuclear energy could be both advantageous or disadvantageous for our society. Below we mention a few Important Examples of Nuclear Energy to make you comfortable with the topic. We encourage you to rate this article with 5 stars. Your appreciation keeps us motivated.

Examples of Nuclear Energy

  • Suitably designed fission reactions can be a massive source of energy. A nuclear power plant converts nuclear energy into electricity. Nuclear power plants alone can provide enough energy to fulfill the requirement of a country. For example, around 72% of all the electricity in France is coming from nuclear energy. Apart from France, countries like Slovakia, Ukraine, and Hungary are heavily dependent on nuclear energy. Read More: Examples of Electrical Energy.
  • We all are aware of solar energy. This is the most important source of energy to drive life on earth. And fusion reaction is the only source of solar energy. In the sun, around 600 million tons of Hydrogen is getting converted into Helium every second. Similar Post: Examples of Kinetic Energy.
  • A nuclear bomb is an example of the destructive power of nuclear energy. We all are aware of the huge devastation caused by the nuclear bomb at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Related Post: Examples of Chemical Energy.