Examples of Evaporation

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Last updated on September 30th, 2019 at 03:29 pm

Evaporation is a process by which liquid changes its physical phase from liquid to vapor. Let us take the example of water. The boiling point of water is 100 degree C (or 212 degrees F). Surprisingly, water starts to evaporate at 0 degree C (or 32 degrees F). Though the rate of evaporation remains very slow at low temperatures, the rate increases with the increment of temperature.

Please note that the rate of evaporation depends on three main factors. They are the temperature of the surroundings, the pressure of that region, and the amount of open surface area. We already have discussed that the rate of vaporization increases with the temperature. However, the relation is opposite in case of pressure. With the decrease in pressure, the rate of vaporization increases. And finally, as the surface area increases, the rate increases proportionately.

Below we mention 10 Examples of Evaporation in Daily Life.

Examples of Evaporation

  1. Perspiration. Did you feel that your body becomes cold when you sweat? Sweating is a natural phenomenon to maintain our body temperature. Evaporation of sweat requires heat energy. This heat energy is absorbed from your body. Therefore, it makes you feel cold.
  2. Drying of cloths under the Sun. Here heat energy from sunlight helps to evaporate.
  3. Drying of nail polish. Nail polish contains organic solvents. Boiling points of these solvents are pretty low. Therefore they evaporate very quickly, leaving the shiny color on your nails.
  4. Drying of wet hairs. We use hair dryers to expedite the process. Useful Post: 10 Examples of Potential Energy.
  5. Preparation of sea salt. Sea salt is prepared by evaporating seawater under the Sun.
  6. Drying of a mopped floor. Floor becomes dry automatically because of the evaporation. The rate of evaporation is low in humid weather.
  7. We blow air to cool down hot liquids. Here, the blow of air expedite the evaporation process, and the heat energy is extracted from the liquid. Good to Know: 10 Examples of Kinetic Energy.
  8. Drying up of water bodies like lakes, ponds, and rivers in summer.
  9. Evaporation of water from an earthen pot makes the water inside the pot cold.
  10. Evaporation of water sprinkled on the ground.

Evaporation is a natural process and happens everywhere when water or liquid is present. The reverse process of evaporation is known as condensation. If interested you can check our article on Examples of Condensation.

Phase Transition Table

See the table below. I have summarized different phase transition from initial phase to final phase. On the left-hand side I have noted initial phases and at the top, the final phases are tabulated.


phas transition table

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