Exam tips to drive away your fear

Exam tips to drive away your fear

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Last updated on September 1st, 2019 at 08:16 am

So, again the time has come for the board examinations and feeling nervous about the examination is very common. Physics is considered to be one of the most difficult subjects. Sometimes students are very afraid of this but we think with a proper planning and preparation you can do very well in your board examination and definitely can score good marks. So, read and follow our exam tips to drive away your exam fear.

First of all, you should read your NCERT book thoroughly and underline all the important points, highlight the important definitions and formulae. You can also make a list of these formulae so that you can revise them whenever you find some time.

You can take any question bank for the last 10 years and solve them thoroughly. If you follow them, you will find that the half of the paper is about derivation. Write them separately and learn these derivation by heart. Writing helps remembering important points and we do recommend practice writing as much as possible.

Diagrams are must to explain solutions, especially for Light, Electricity and Vector. Therefore you should practice diagrams. Glance through the question papers from previous years, make a note of diagrams and practice them. This will definitely help you with your preparation.

Physics paper can be very unpredictable and you will always get some very tricky questions. However if you are clear with your concepts, you will definitely be able to solve them. So, if you have any doubt with the subject matter, consult with your teacher well ahead of the examination date. This will definitely boost up your confidence with the subject.


Units and Physical Constants are very important in Physics. Be sure to remember values and their S.I. units.

Read our articles about the List of Important Physical Constant and their values  and Important Conversion Factors in Physics.

Hope these exam tips will help you prepare well ahead of the examination date. However, keeping yourself calm and confident during the examination hours are key to achieve good score. Most of the students get nervous before the examination. They sometime start reading a new topic at the last moment. Please do not do that. This will only hamper your confidence and can spoil the examination too. So, stay positive and do not overthink about the chapter you have not completed.

Spending some times with your hobby, exercise and outdoor games can help you to stay relaxed. Also you can practice meditation to increase your concentration.

Be careful on the day of examination and do not forget to carry your admit card, pen, pencil, eraser and scale. 15 minutes reading time is usually given before the commencement of the examination. You should read the question paper thoroughly, check out the marks assigned to each question and can mark the questions, you are going to answer first. Do not spend too much time on a single question. If you are finding difficult to solve a question, just avoid it for the time being and solve other questions. This will help you manage your time judiciously during the examination.

Wish you all the best for your examination.

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